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Monday, January 10, 2011

Smart Shopping Tips

How often has it happened to you that you go shopping and once back home you don't like what you just bought or realize you already had something similar or things just end in the back of your closet to never be worn.  I believe there are smart ways to shop and make the most of your money.  
The first thing is to make sure what you need.  Go over your closet and look at the clothes you have.  A basic closet must have classic items that can be worn season over season.  A basic pair of black trousers, flattering jeans, a crisp white shirt, a classic trench coat, etc. (I will go on my list of basics on a next time).
Make a list of the clothes you want to buy and stick to it, if it's not on the list then don't get it.  Avoid getting drowned by last minute shopping you will regret.  
Mix and match your classic clothes with trendy items.  The easiest way to know which are the season's must have items is to take a look at the shopping windows or usually this items are at the entrance of the store. But remember, it is better to spend more money on the classics and to choose the best quality of materials since you will be using them over and over.
Be ready to spend some time shopping and for your shopping spree get ready for action and wear clothes that are easy to change. Get in the mood of shopping, not every day we feel pretty or maybe you are tired. In that case avoid shopping.  It should be an enjoyable experience. 
And the most important is to know yourself.  Choose clothes that flatter your body type and appropriate for your age.  Shop for the size you are now, not for the one you intend to be in a couple months.  Well dressed women know this and their style never fails. 
If you need any help feel free to contact me for a personal shopping experience. 

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